The Kingdom Response Team are impacting and empowering transitioning people by instilling Christian principles and providing a nurturing environment for a healthy spirit, mind and body during perilous times. When individuals are provided with education and resources to make proper life choices then all of our communities succeed and God is glorified. To provide education and resource to those in need.

As the 1st Responders to people that are suffering from property loss due to tragic events or victims of violent crimes, we are able to provide them with the empowerment to overcome these circumstances.

Knowing that God created all people equal and we believe that the suffering of God’s people abroad cannot go unnoticed and that it is all of our responsibilities to partake in their aide by offering our support

KRT’s vision is to encourage teens to realize the potential God has placed in them. Let’s help them design their life canvas through goal setting, responsibility for your actions and serving others.

Support KRT by creating your very own notebook. We can customize the cover and interior of the notebook with your organization or church information. Contact us for more information.